What is Chirp’s range? How close do I need to be to sync and receive data?

Chirp’s Bluetooth technology works up to an estimated distance  of 50 metres, though it can be limited by things like physical obstacles or terrain between your smartphone and trap. To ensure connectivity you can wake up Chirp by briefly removing it from your trap and turning your Chirp cap upside down. The red light should start flashing.

If you are outside of the bluetooth range when a kill happens, Chirp will hold this data until you are next within range to collect it. Chirp lets you know what day and time the pest was killed, what the air temperature was, and how many strikes are left before you need to replace the gas canister and when to change the lure.

To find out more about how to receive data from Chirp check out this article.

Why we chose Bluetooth

Bluetooth can connect directly to your phone and it doesn't rely on cell phone coverage or Wi-Fi. Our traps are laid across all terrain, so by using Bluetooth it means Chirp works in all environments, and will sync to your phone when you return to the trap, without requiring a phone signal.

What’s the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

Bluetooth comes from your phone, and requires no satellite reception or internet to transfer information. This is perfect when you’re in the bush, or on the back of your farm where there’s no reception.

Wi-Fi is the internet you need to download the app. It’s best to download the app first, while you have internet access and then pair the Chirp when you’re in the field.

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