How do I get my Chirp data?

Collecting data from Chirp is simple - whether you want access to kill data, analyse the bite marks on your detector cards, or check how many days are left before you need to change your gas and lure.  To be sure you’re collecting the most up to date trap data, have your phone with you and the Chirp app open when checking your trap.  Wake up Chirp by removing it from the trap and turning it upside down. You’ll know Chirp is syncing with your phone when the light starts flashing. Chirp will send the trap data to the Chirp app via Bluetooth.

Keeping your Chirp app open when you’re collecting your trap data allows it to gather the data faster. Don’t swipe up (or close) your app as this will stop the app from connecting with Chirp.

If there are kills to report, you’ll get a notification on your phone. If there’s nothing new to report, you should still see the Last Synced field update (including the time you checked it).

If you’re outside Bluetooth range when a kill happens, Chirp will hold this data until you are in range. If it’s been a while, you could have a few notifications waiting for you when you next visit the trap!

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