Why are there chew marks on my Chirp Cap?

We have specifically built Chirp from a hard wearing polycarbonate material with rounded surfaces to avoid it being damaged by animals however it doesn’t always stop them having a go! 

  1. If your trap is out of gas it’s potentially missing kills and allowing rodents to access the lure from your trap any way they can. Best to test fire your trap and, if needed, power it up with a new CO2 canister.  Also install a fresh lure to proactively troubleshoot any other factors which could reduce trapping success over the next 6 months. 
  2. Rodents’ teeth never stop growing so they gnaw on things to grind them down.  We have taken steps to minimise the incidence of pests nibbling Chirp, and recommend you handle the Chirp cap with clean hands as getting any lure on the cap could encourage rodents to gnaw on it.

If you notice severe chew marks or holes in the cap, please send us some photos so we can take a look and help you out! 


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