My Chirp App log in details aren’t working

If your login details aren’t working the first thing we need to determine is which login you’re using. If you’re using your Chirp app login, please double or triple check there are no spelling errors and that you are using the correct email address. 

Any other logins you’ve created with Goodnature not related to the Chirp app will not work, you need a Chirp specific login. If you haven’t yet created this, you’ll need to set up a new account. Follow the instructions in this video to get started.

Using an iPhone? Have a quick read of this article before creating a new login.

If it’s not as simple as creating a login for your Chirp app then get in touch so we can get to the bottom of this and get your Chirp app up and running

Call us on +1800 317 466 or email

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