If my counter reads less than 24 at six months do I have to replace the CO2?

The A24 Trap can trigger up to 24 times per CO2 canister.  In saying this, we recommend replacing your lure and CO2 canister every six months whether or not your Digital Counter indicates 24 kills.

By following our guidelines you will ensure your A24 Trap has enough pressure to deliver a humane kill whenever a pest enters the trap, and remains in top shape. It will also ensure you remain covered by our manufacturer’s warranty.

Due to permeation there is natural gas loss over time - think car tyres which lose air slowly.  Although you can’t know the exact amount of CO2 left in the trap at any given time you can ensure the trap doesn’t run out of gas by sticking to the six month replacement recommendation.

It’s best to replace your CO2 canister and lure at the same time so you know your trap is always ready and will provide you with constant control.

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