How to remove a Gas Canister

Test Fire the trap: 

If you haven’t already, you will need to test fire the trap to understand if any gas is left inside the trap or canister. 

If you trigger the trap and it fires, you will know the trap or canister still contains some gas. This is important because if there is any gas remaining, it will leak out when you unscrew the canister (see below).

If you trigger the trap and it doesn’t fire, you can safely unscrew the canister. Turn the canister clockwise to remove the canister from the trap. 

If there’s still gas in the trap or canister:

We recommend using gloves or a piece of cloth over your hands when unscrewing a canister from a trap that still contains some gas. The gas will be released from the canister as you unscrew it and will have a similar reaction to dry ice. It feels very cold against bare skin and can cause cold burns. 

Unscrew the canister and allow it to fall on the ground while the remaining gas is released. When the canister no longer looks frozen, it’s safe to pick up again. 

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