How to test-fire safely

To Test Fire your A24 Trap there are just a few easy steps for you to follow. If you have an A24 Trap with Chirp, check out this article on how to test fire with Chirp as this is done differently so Chirp can record the test fire, and adjust the number of strikes left accordingly.

If you don’t have Chirp, read on! 

Step one

Remove the black cap from the top of the trap by unscrewing it anticlockwise. 

Step two

Looking down inside the trap, use a pen or small stick to push the silver trigger to one side. Keep your fingers well clear at all times and be prepared to hear a bit of a bang. The striker inside the trap is powerful enough to kill a pest so it would be very painful if any part of you got in its way! 

Step three

If there is still gas in the trap, the striker will be triggered. Test fire the trap a few times to be sure no gas is left before moving it. If it doesn’t fire, you can be sure that all the gas has been flushed out and the trap is safe to move. 

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