Can I use a non Goodnature branded gas canister?

The warranty is void if non-Goodnature gas canisters are used, which is why we ask customers to only use Goodnature 16 gram gas canisters in their traps. 

We tested a number of different gas canisters before we chose which was best suited to our traps and the wide range of locations they're used. 

Here's how our gas canisters are different - and better suited to the task - than non-branded gas canisters:

  • Our gas canisters are capped with a lubricant that ensures the long life of trap parts, and therefore the trap. Without this, the trap may leak or become faulty.
  • Our gas canisters are sourced from a partner who guarantees no petrochemical residues from their factory machinery. This is important because some residues can cause the seals inside the trap to perish.
  • The canisters have a protective coating, which helps prevent corrosion. This is important as our traps are designed to be used outdoors as well as indoors.
  • We quality check the threads when the canisters arrive to ensure they are fit for purpose.
  • Ours come with a cap to protect the top of the gas canister from debris.

If products fall outside of our warranty we will still happily service and repair them for a small charge, this also brings them up to our most recent specifications at the same time.

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