Why choose the A24 Rat and Mouse Trap?

There are many ways the A24 Rat and Mouse Trap is different from single-set snap traps and other traditional rodent control methods. The following features make our A24 a favourite for backyard trappers and professionals too.

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The A24 trap is named after its core feature: it automatically resets itself 24 times. This means as soon as you have set the trap for the first time, it keeps killing pests without you doing anything. No more removing dead pests from your trap. No more refilling your trap with bait. Pests are killed instantly and humanely. They drop to the ground and the trap resets itself. Dead pests are almost always scavenged so you might not even see them.

One of the biggest factors in a trap’s success is simply that it’s ‘ready and set’ to trap a pest all the time. Often when a rat or mouse visits a traditional single-set trap, it has already been set off so the opportunity to catch another rat or mouse is missed. By using the A24, it’s always ready and waiting to trap the next pest, and the next, and the next...The A24 trap keeps your pest problem under constant control.

Six monthly maintenance

We wanted to make it easier for people to keep traps attractive to pests, so we developed a long-lasting lure that is automatically refreshed by our Automatic Lure Pump (ALP). It dispenses fresh, toxin-free lure for up to six months. This means you don’t need to check the trap constantly to refresh its lure, saving you time and the cost of labour. Your rats and mice are kept under constant control.

The fresher the lure, the easier it is to attract a passing pest so if you’re planning or managing a more intensive trapping project, or if you have a serious infestation of rats or mice, changing the lure every four months, rather than six, can help get on top of your pest problem more effectively.

Toxin-free and humane

We know we need to kill pests to restore biodiversity around the world but we also think it can be done kindly, with respect for pests. Toxins cause a cruel death which is slow and painful. That’s why we’ve designed our traps to be toxin-free and humane. With a powerful strike, our traps kill pests instantly. Independently tested, our traps meet the highest New Zealand standards, you can read about our humane standards here.

Light and easy to use

We’ve designed and made our traps to be small and light so anyone can set them up and move them around. No more carrying heavy traps into deep parts of the forest. No more shifting a single-set trap around your backyard. It’s easy to change the lure and gas canister - you don’t need to use physical force or be a professional trapper. Many children use our traps to protect their local wildlife.

Safe for you, your pets and children

Our traps are designed to target specific pests and nothing else. It’s important to remember that all pest control methods come with some risk, so it’s important that you follow the safety advice and installation instructions. If you do, our traps are safe to use around pets and children. 

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